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Specializing in Clinical, Medical, and Therapeutic Massages in The Woodlands, Conroe, Spring, and the surrounding areas.

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Hello! My name is Brandy, your local massage therapist. I help my patients with site-specific and therapeutic massages, to help increase muscle recovery and health. Therapeutic massage is beneficial because it helps reduce pain and prevent injury , a primary goal for a majority of my patients.

This type of massage is done through a variety of manual manipulations of soft body tissue. Healing takes time. After a patient leaves my office I ensure that they have the tools needed to continue their journey in between sessions.

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Medical / Clinical / Theraputical Massage

The application of a specific treatment targeting a problem(s) a client presents. Linked Massage Therapy takes the time to understand your pain through a detailed evaluation with your therapist. Medical massage is not just one single technique. It blends a variety of styles the practitioner knows and uniquely applies them to the patient’s specific condition(s) to promote healing.

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Satisfied Clients

"Brandy is a gifted massage therapist! She’s thorough and dedicated to providing unique care for each individual which is why I refer my chiropractic patients and family to her. Give her a call, you won’t regret it!"

- Lauren S.